3 Causes Of Skin Ageing And How To Prevent Them

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3 Causes Of Skin Ageing And How To Prevent Them

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DNA damage

UV exposure ( yes, that old one ) causes damage to skin cells’ DNA that can lead to cancer. The UV damage is predictably (CPD) cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers,(80HdG )deamination of cytosine and (PC ) protein carbonylation

How to prevent solar induced DNA damage

  • Judicious sun dosing AND Triple therapy skin topicals

Research performed by Emanuele Erizo, James Spencer and Martin Braunand shows that keratinytes treated with DNA repair enzymes, antioxidant and sunscreen had the least DNA damage compared to no treatment, all of which are available at BCMC! Just ask for the triple therapy!


There are many causes of inflammation ( think chronic disease, smoking, obesity, also a diet high in omega 6 rather than the omega 3), but all causes of inflammation lead to the destruction of collagen, elastin and heparin sulphate Inflammation.

How to prevent and mitigate inflammations pernicious effect on the skin

  • Eat the right foods and be a non-smoker
  • Work with your health professional to manage any chronic disease such as arthritis or diabetes


When sugar binds to collagen it becomes stiff and unable to lend the skin strength. As collagen gets compromised, the skin becomes thin, fragile wrinkled and the skin appears sallow -, this fact feeds back into dot point 2 with inflammation avoid diets high in sugar, we lose a teaspoon of collagen each year after 30 just through ageing.

At BCMC we have a multiple of therapies whose aim is to grow collagen induction such as platelet rich plasma (AKA the vampire facelift), radio frequency (pelleve) and 1064 nm laser (laser genesis). Make an appointment and see which one is right for you.

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