The best kind of topicals for oily skin

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The best kind of topicals for oily skin

Oily skin is not exclusive to teenagers. A number of us have an ‘oily’ skin type. The type of topical creams and serums we use should always be chosen for our skin type in mind. Dr. Gertrude recommends The best type of creams for oily skins.

The telltale sign of oily skin is that it often looks shiny; also oily skin is prone to bumps known as sebaceous hyperplasia and acne. It is not all bad having oily skin in that oily skin ages better than dry skin.

The hero ingredient for oily skin is vitamin A (retinol).

It generally takes a few weeks before you can notice the difference from applying a retinol at night. Generally speaking an oily skin suits scrubs. In your 20’s an oily skin can cope with a daily scrub, however in your 40’s that is best pared down to a couple of times a week.

There is a subset of people with oily skin who cannot tolerate scrubs, these are the rosacea types and a scrub will flare up their redness. This group should incorporate a vitamin B in their topical regimen.

Lastly, remember all skin types benefit from sunscreen and DNA repair enzymes.

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