Is Botox still a thing?

Is Botox still a thing?

Botox injection

For the uninitiated Botox means all cosmetic injectables and can be used to fix all things on the face and is even a name of a type of party ie the botox party , but if you look around these days it is getting harder and harder to source Botox .

Let me explain, Botox is the name of a botulinium toxin, a neuromodulator, which is used in the aesthetic industry to relax muscles of facial expression and hence decrease wrinkles ( a completely different kettle of fish to “fillers” which are a gel and used generally to revolumise).

Botox as a brand is manufactured by Allergen

Allergan manufactures this neuromodulator with using the brand, “Botox “ and initially the cost per unit was in many places greater than $20 a unit. It was available in Brisbane in the 90’s and then came the competitor companies such as Mertz and Galderma which brought to market the products Xeomin and Dysport respectively. They priced these products cheaper than “Botox “ and then the price of “Botox” started going down..

Both Xeomin and Dysport are botulinium toxin, however their “units” are not equivalent which has led to a lot of confusion when you see a unit of “D” is priced differently to a unit “B”

A unit is just an arbitrary amount decided upon by the company . One company may suggest that 20 units is an average dose to treat a frown area whereas another company may suggest 50 units for the same area. Thus 1 unit of the former company is equivalent to 2.5 units of the latter company and this brings me to the next point. Some clients request to have no movement in a certain area and other clients request merely a softening and this is achieved by differing amounts of product injected. At BCMC we prefer the natural, beautiful look.

Why don’t we advertise Botox?

You may have thought, why be coy about the name of product “B” why not just say “Botox” The reason is that the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) made a rule that S4 drugs, including “Botox “ cannot be advertised directly to the public.

Which might lead you to the ultimate question… Which is the best product?
In my mind Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are all botulinium toxin and the difference in outcome is related in a large part to the expertise of the injector.

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