Dr Spencer’s Blog

Dr Spencer’s Blog

Hello Skin Spotters, my name is Dr Spencer Behan and this is my first blog!!

I was inspired by a study published recently on melanomas. The study was printed in the prestigious Journal of American Medical Association but written by Australian doctors and performed on Australian patients.

The study is titled ‘Clinical Features Associated With Individuals at Higher Risk of Melanoma’. It gathered information from 2727 patients with melanoma comparing those with known risk factors (family history of melanoma, people with many moles, previous melanoma) and those without.

The study found some interesting variations in distribution of melanomas in the above groups. Melanoma occurred more commonly on the trunk for those with many moles, on the limbs for those with a family history and on the head and neck for those with a previous melanoma.And found that the average age at diagnosis was lower for patients with a family history or many moles (at 59 year old) compared to those without risk factors (at 65 year old).

I think this demonstrates that it’s never too late to slip, slop, slap! And if you have any moley friends, tell them it’s time for a skin check!!!

See you soon, Spencer.

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  • Lady Annie Palfrey

    I had a stage 2 melanoma in the crease behind my right arm , unable t be seen by me , I had a massage and that is when it was found , I never go in the sun and never sleeveless either so don’t know where it came from …people need to get checked I do every six months now

    09/12/2016 at 6:21 pm

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