Must have vitamins for great skin

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Must have vitamins for great skin

In this video, Dr. Behan discusses the benefits of vitamins on the skin, the source of various vitamins and diseases derived from vitamin deficiency.

Though a vitamin serum exerts beneficial effects on the skin;  it remains important that vitamins are consumed in the diet. Smoking is a powerful oxidizer and hence the antioxidant effects of vitamins are decreased in smokers

Vitamin A is found in fish and vegetables such as carrots and can decrease fine lines and pigment. Vitamin A serum has a role in treating oily and acne prone skins.

Vitamin B covers a group of vitamins. Vitamin B3 is found in whole food cereals, vitamin B3 serum has a role in treating sensitive inflamed skins. Vitamin B3 decreases the incidence of nonmelanoma skin cancers.  Vitamin B3 deficiencies manifest as cracked lips and the disease Pellagra. In pernicous anaemia there is a decreased absorption of vitamin B12 from the gut.

Vitamin C is found in fruits such as strawberries and kiwi fruit and is a powerful antioxidant which assists in reducing pigment and building collagen. Historically vitamin C deficiency is associated with scurvy, a disease in which sailors in the 1700’s bled from the gums.

Vitamin D though found in egg yolks is mostly derived from sunlight. A deficiency historically was associated with rickets. There are still cases of vitamin D deficiency in Brisbane today; the symptoms being muscle tiredness and depression and decreased immunity to cancers. However many people have heard the health message to limit sun exposure in order to reduce the likelihood of skin cancers. A simple solution is to get a vitamin D blood test and see where you stand.

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