What is Photo Dynamic Therapy?

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What is Photo Dynamic Therapy?

photodynamic therapy redland city

Hello BCMCers,

It’s Spencer again! This time I’m going to tell you about photodynamic therapy.

You may have already seen the photos, but I underwent photodynamic therapy (also known as PDT) a few days before Christmas. I had a few solar keratoses (sunspots) on my face that I needed to fix. Gertrude was the one who suggested the PDT with a mischievous grin.

sun spots redland city sun spot treatment redland city

I had read about the discomfort associated with the treatment and was admittedly a little nervous. I have a firm belief that if a treatment is good enough to recommend to my patients it should be good enough for me. Simple. But…. It was dramatic. So were the results.

By the end of the week, my skin felt better than it had in longer than I can remember and my sunspots were defeated. Yay!

Here is my photo following the treatment (please note the peels will remove shortly after):

photodynamic therapy results redland city

I feel more confident than ever recommending PDT to my patients even though I now know intimately what they are in store for.

Want To Learn More About Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)?

Check out our photodynamic therapy treatment page and learn more or book a consultation with Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic.


See you all soon,


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