Protect your Dec with BCMC

Protect your Dec with BCMC

In this video Dr Behan discusses a step by step way to improve and maintain the skin of your decolletage (chest).

Firstly photodynamic therapy (PDT): PDT targets the sun-damaged cells on your skin. This treatment can cause peeling, however, the treatment can be done at any time because wearing a button up shirt hides the healing process, the skin continues to improve in the months after treatment.

Follow up PDT with either laser or IPL to target the redness and finally platelet rich plasma (PRP ). The platelets in PRP degranulate to release growth factors which stimulate the fibroblasts in your dermis to make collagen. Maintain the benefits of this course of treatment by applying DNA repair enzymes and sunscreen and avoid applying perfume directly to the skin of the decolletage as many perfumes are photosensitizing and hence induce pigment in the skin.

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