What is the hydrafacial?

What is the hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial brisbane

To my mind, the hydrafacial is the successor of the microdermabrasion.

The hydrafacial incorporates microdermabrasion and the intensity of the exfoliations can be varied depending on the thickness and oiliness of the skin.

A micro done right improves skin luminosity because in smoothing the skin the light reflex is improved giving that youthful glow. In addition to smoothing surface irregularities, the skin is pumped full of goodness by infusing serums including AHA, BHA and antioxidants. Again, this elixir of youth can be modified depending on your skin’s needs. Lots of betahydroxic acid is great for acneic skin and lots of hyaluronic acid is great for dry skin.

After the treatment, your skin is glowing! I recommend a maintenance of monthly treatments.


Check out our hydracfacial page or contact us to learn more.

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