What’s right for your skin this winter

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What’s right for your skin this winter

In this video Dr Gertrude talks about what to use on your skin in the cooler months.

Summer and winter call for different products so you may need to change to a more intensive moisturiser and avoid other products.

What type of creams suit a dry skin type…

Firstly it has to be said that any help from using quality skin creams will be negated if you are pursuing a diet high in junk calories and low in nutrients. In winter your skin tends to be drier and will benefit from a diet higher in fat. Trans fats and saturated fats are the wrong types of fats, generally think plant fats as being the right type of fats, eg. the fats found in walnuts.

Also, irritants such as bubble baths are more prone to irritate a dry skin in winter which as a rule needs more moisture than in summer. ASAP makes a quality nourishing moisturiser and actinica is a moisturising sunscreen.

Dr. Behan always likes to use creams which will assist the skin itself to be metabolically healthy and to that end, she regularly recommends DNA repair enzymes, retinol and antioxidants. If you are not sure what your skin needs please do our skin survey which is based on a questionnaire by Prof Leslie Baumann and note skin needs often differ between summer and winter.

You can book  in for a consultation at BCMC with Dr G online to find out her recommendations for your skin. And remember that cream alone will not give you perfect skin the amount of water and types of food you eat play a big role.

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