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Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections Right for Me?

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You are starting to notice them more and more — those creases that line your skin. They usually appear anytime you smile or squint but recently, they seem to be entrenched within your skin. They are wrinkles and they are making you look and feel older. Treating the natural signs of ageing has come a long way. Plenty of treatment options are...

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Good Morning, Everyone!

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For today’s blog, it’s good news. Scratching around PubMed looking for inspiration I came across two meta-analyses which caught my eye: Coffee, tea and caffeine intake and the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer: a review of the literature and meta-analysis. (Eur J Nutr. 2017 Feb;56 (1):1-12.) 2. Higher caffeinated coffee intake is associated with reduced malignant melanoma risk: A meta-analysis study. (PLoS One....

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3 Causes of Skin Ageing and How to Prevent Them

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DNA damage UV exposure ( yes, that old one ) causes damage to skin cells’ DNA that can lead to cancer. The UV damage is predictably (CPD) cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers,(80HdG )deamination of cytosine and (PC ) protein carbonylation How to prevent solar induced DNA damage Judicious sun dosing AND Triple therapy skin topicals This graph illustrates research performed by Emanuele Erizo, James Spencer and...

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