Might be Mites

rosacea mites

Soooo… One theory on the cause of rosacea is mites. Rosacea comes in a few forms, but mostly it is redness of the cheeks and nose, sometimes mistaken for acne and is common in people of celtic origin who have white skin and blue eyes. The theory goes that tiny (0.3mm long), eight legged slug-looking beasties bury themselves into skin follicles on the...

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Does Paw Paw Cream Treat Skin Cancer?

paw paw cream

Today’s blog idea came from a patient this morning. During his skin check we found a sunspot on his arm. He informed me he had been treating spots like that for years with paw paw cream, quite successfully. Pawpaw cream?! Half of my dear readers by now are scoffing – ‘pawpaw cream! May as well use crystals or something!’ , and the other...

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Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections Right for Me?

wrinkle relaxers brisbane

You are starting to notice them more and more — those creases that line your skin. They usually appear anytime you smile or squint but recently, they seem to be entrenched within your skin. They are wrinkles and they are making you look and feel older. Treating the natural signs of ageing has come a long way. Plenty of treatment options are...

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Good Morning, Everyone!

foods that beat beat cancer

For today’s blog, it’s good news. Scratching around PubMed looking for inspiration I came across two meta-analyses which caught my eye: Coffee, tea and caffeine intake and the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer: a review of the literature and meta-analysis. (Eur J Nutr. 2017 Feb;56 (1):1-12.) 2. Higher caffeinated coffee intake is associated with reduced malignant melanoma risk: A meta-analysis study. (PLoS One....

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What is Photo Dynamic Therapy?

photodynamic therapy redland city

Hello BCMCers, It's Spencer again! This time I'm going to tell you about PDT. You may have already seen the photos, but I underwent photo dynamic therapy a few days before Christmas. I had a few solar keratoses (sunspots) on my face that I needed to fix. Gertrude was the one who suggested the PDT with a mischievous grin.   I had read about the...

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Niacin and the prevention of Squamous Cell Cancer

squamous cell cancer

The hot weather has been brutal. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has been tweeting to stay in doors during the heat wave and keep an eye out for our elderly. The company “Banana Boat “ has been in the news and not in a good way; it has been alleged that their sunscreen has been ineffectual. The Beareau of Meterology announced today...

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Talimogene, The First Ever Melanoma Vaccine


Talimogene, the therapy know as T-VEC was recently approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use. Rodney Sinclair , director of dermatology at Epworth Hospital said it is in essence the first ever melanoma vaccine. The vaccine is injected into each melanoma lesion and the virus which is within the vaccine then replicates within the melanoma cells and kills them. This is exciting...

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Summer sunburn with Dr Mia

With summer well and truly underway, there is no way of hiding tell tale signs of sun exposure and sunburn in our skin spot clinics! Despite slip, slop and slapping we have all been caught out at one time or another. Sunscreens wear off from both direct light and from oils produced on the skin, this is why it is very...

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What is the hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial brisbane

To my mind the hydrafacial is the successor of the microdermabrasion. The hydrafacial incorporates a microdermabrasion and the intensity of the exfoliations can be varied depending on the thickness and oiliness of the skin. A micro done right improves skin luminosity because in smoothing the skin the light reflex is improved giving that yourthful glow, but back to the hydrafacial in addition to...

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The Importance of Sun Protection

Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce

Our very own Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce has recently been treated for skin cancer on his face for the third time this year. He encourages the use of sunscreen and wide brim hats whilst out in the sun. He also told the ABC that Australians working in the sun should be more vigilant with their sun protection, especially given the country...

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Acne Clinic

acne clinic brisbane

At Bayside Cosmetic Medicine clinic our goal is to help our clients achieve the best version of their skin. In our 40’s and 50’s this might be treating wrinkles and lines and in our teens and twenties it is generally acne that is our biggest skin concern. Acne and problem skin often has a huge impact on a teenagers self confidence and...

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Can you trust your online skin care purchases?

Skincare Containers

Are you buying counterfeit skincare? We shop online primarily for convenience and in search of a good deal, but is a good deal what we are getting?  Counterfeit cosmetic products are flooding the market, with consumers thinking they are purchasing the brands they know and trust when in reality they are purchasing products that are either counterfeit, expired or dangerous. It is important...

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The importance of your cosmetic injector

Beautiful woman

Cosmetic treatments should improve your appearance, not change who you are. Deciding to have injectable’s can be daunting but here at BCMC our doctors Gertrude and Clair take pride in listening to your concerns and helping you achieve the results you are looking for. Below is a list of the key things you want from your injectable’s. A good injector can help you...

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Understanding Antioxidants


Virtually all skin specialists agree on two things, the importance of sunscreen and antioxidants. At BCMC we talk at length about sunscreen, so thought it was time to address some key questions surrounding antioxidants. Are all vitamin C’s the same? To put it simply no. There are many formulations of vitamin C, the most effective form being L-ascorbic acid, which is often stingy...

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Acne do’s and don’ts


Acne is a skin condition that affects a number of teenagers and also some adults. There are a number of treatment options available to treat acne, and also some blanket rules to follow to reduce flair ups. Below is a list of Acne Do’s and Don’ts Do take care of your skin. Wash your face morning and night preferably with a soap...

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Debunking Skincare Myths

woman applying cream

The science behind skincare has come a long way in recent years, yet a number of ‘old fashioned’ myths are still floating around in terms of skin care.  We wanted to set the record straight for three ‘out of date’ skin care tips. The best way to find the right skincare product is to buy and try a number of different...

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