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Is Botox still a thing?

Botox injection

For the uninitiated Botox means all cosmetic injectables and can be used to fix all things on the face and is even a name of a type of party ie the botox party , but if you look around these days it is getting harder and harder to source Botox . Let me explain, Botox is the name of a botulinium toxin,...

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Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections Right for Me?

wrinkle relaxers brisbane

You are starting to notice them more and more — those creases that line your skin. They usually appear anytime you smile or squint but recently, they seem to be entrenched within your skin. They are wrinkles and they are making you look and feel older. Treating the natural signs of ageing has come a long way. Plenty of treatment options are...

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3 Myths About Anti-Wrinkle Injections

anti wrinkle patient

1. Myth: If you inject more units during a treatment the effects last longer. Fact: Not so. Research performed by Dr Adam Rish has shown that whether you put in 20 or 30 units, the botulinum toxin remains efficacious for the same length of time. What does this mean? It means you should choose an amount of units that achieves the effect you...

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What is the hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial brisbane

To my mind the hydrafacial is the successor of the microdermabrasion. The hydrafacial incorporates a microdermabrasion and the intensity of the exfoliations can be varied depending on the thickness and oiliness of the skin. A micro done right improves skin luminosity because in smoothing the skin the light reflex is improved giving that yourthful glow, but back to the hydrafacial in addition to...

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Acne Clinic

acne clinic brisbane

At Bayside Cosmetic Medicine clinic our goal is to help our clients achieve the best version of their skin. In our 40’s and 50’s this might be treating wrinkles and lines and in our teens and twenties it is generally acne that is our biggest skin concern. Acne and problem skin often has a huge impact on a teenagers self confidence and...

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