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Give it up Hyperhidrosis….

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Give it up Hyperhidrosis….

Treating Hyperhidrosis at BCMC

Give it up Hyperhidrosis, your diabolical plans won’t work this time!

Yes, I’m hilarious, and although the condition, hyperhidrosis, sounds like the name of a comical supervillain – it’s no joke.

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating.

Everyone knows the feeling of embarrassment from having sweat stains but imagine huge sweat stains, big dark wet rings under your arms, covering your shirt.

Have a date tonight? Feeling confident? Not with those pools! Have a presentation at work? The boss is going to be there? Might want to reschedule or at least hand out some floaties. Deodorant – no hope, antiperspirant  – good luck, talcum powder – keep trying. Nothing works. Better off not trying.  Give up on love, and don’t bother with the promotion.

This sounds dramatic but hyperhidrosis is associated with serious mental health problems.  It keeps you inside, keeps you away from people. You fear people will notice, will say something. Maybe they think you’re not clean, don’t shower, that you smell.

So I am happy to tell you (you know who you are) that you don’t have to put up with it.

Normally on a blog like this I would be writing about botulinum toxin (botox) as a muscle relaxant and anti-wrinkle medication but it has other tricks. Botox works by blocking the nerve signal muscles use to move. It inhibits the release of a signal called acetylcholine, the same signal the body uses to tell sweat glands to release sweat. Sooooooo, put the botox in the armpit and no sweating!

Studies in the naughties showed not only is bo-tox good at stopping the sweating but also improves the social anxiety that accompanies it! One randomized control trial enrolled 320 people, randomly some were given the bo-tox treatment and some a placebo (the treatment feels the same as the bo-tox but none was in it). Sweating and quality of life (QOL) was measured before and after the treatments. The treatment group not only showed significant improvement in the amount of sweat but also in QOL. Another study enrolled people diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) (I didn’t make that up) and severe hyperhidrosis. Some were given a placebo and forty people were given the bo-tox. Three quarters of the treatment group showed significant improvement in their sweating but significantly more improvement in many daily activities that had been limited, as well as greater improvement in work and social functioning and in overall disability!

If you are suffering from this significantly disabling condition I encourage you to visit us now and together we can make sure that Hyperhidrosis’s diabolical plans will never work again.

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