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What we want to achieve here is the reduction of the redness and to smooth the skin.

Have a look in the gallery of a before and after of a teen with acne scarring. He is a very happy chappy with this result after many years of having to live with the burden of acne scarring.

He has had Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis, as the name implies, is laser and the emitted wavelength is 1064 nm. The treatment with the laser takes approximately half an hour and the patient experiences a warm feeling in the face. The laser comes equipped with a thermometer, but I do tell patients to indicate to me if the treatment is beginning to feel too hot.

After the treatment, the patient is a little flushed but this quickly settles in the next half hour. The laser treatment improves the acne scarring in 2 ways. Firstly, it closes down the blood vessels in the papillary dermis. This reduces the redness and secondly it stimulates the generation of more collagen. After the stimulus of the laser it takes a couple of weeks for collagen to be generated and that is why it takes a few weeks to see the benefit of Laser Genesis in acne scarring. To see real benefits in acne scarring with Laser Genesis, I suggest a course of between three and six treatments between three and four weeks apart.

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