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Acne is a skin condition which is extremely common during various life stages and can have a range of severity for different individuals. Acne can be painful and embarrassing for an individual and it can be difficult to determine what the underlying causes are. Is can also be confusing as there is a wealth of conflicting information around the treatment of the condition. We have found the following treatment methods to be effective in treating acne.

Dietary Modifications

The firstline treatment of Acne for most patients is an evaluation and modification of their daily food intake. Working with professionals who are trained in the field of nutrition, patients can work through their diet in an attempt to isolate potential changes which are possible to improve the severity of the condition. While there is not a one size fits all diet which has been proven to completely cure acne, professionals can work with you to create a healthy, balanced diet which can create a large improvement in your skin.

Topical Cosmoceuticals

Cosmeceuticals are skin products which are designed to have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects. Like cosmetics which many are familiar with, they are usually in the form of creams, lotions and washes but they contain active ingredients which have a proven effect on the skin cells and their function which can improve the appearance of acne. There are many products available on the market which fit within this category and cosmetic medicine practitioners or dermatologists can suggest appropriate cosmoceuticals for each patient.

Prescription Oral And Topical Medications

In addition to cosmoceuticals, there are prescription medications which are often used to treat severe acne which is non responsive to the aforementioned methods. Medications such as Roaccutane are used which reduce the production of oil by the skin cells in pores which dries out the skin and reduces the bacteria present in the pores. Products such as these require prescription and so many cosmetic clinics without a dermatologist on staff will provide referrals to appropriate specialists .

LED Light

LED light treatment uses light of various colours to achieve outcomes in many different skin conditions including acne. The procedure is non invasive and non ablative meaning that the procedure can be done quickly and without downtime for patients, especially important given the site most often treated is the face. Red light can be used to stimulate collagen production in skin cells while blue light can be used to target the bacteria which can cause acne and reduce their numbers safely.

Photodynamic Therapy

Similar to LED light therapy, photodynamic therapy utilises light to target acne. With this treatment however, a photosensitizing topical solution is applied to particular problem areas before exposing the skin to the light source. This photosensitizer is activated by the light source and the presence of oxygen to destroy the bacteria responsible for causing the acne. This therapy has been shown to be extremely effective for inflammatory acne with significant reductions in number and size of lesions demonstrated in several studies.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

IPL treatments use intense pulse of light of various wavelength and strength depending on the condition being treated and the machine used. This procedure is usually utilised to treat the more less severe form of acne, follicular acne. Pulses of light of various wavelengths are used on the skin to target overactive sebum glands and bacteria which underpin this form of acne. Generally painless, this procedure is well tolerated with most patients reporting at most minor discomfort while the treatment is taking place .

Laserteen ( 1064 nm laser)

Laserteen is reserved for laserscarring . A course of treatments is recommended to stimulate the underlying collagen and thus improve the texture of the skin . 1032 nm laser also reduces the red color of the scarred skin .

Excel V Laser

Unlike traditional lasers, the Excel V Laser uses two different wavelengths to allow for a more precise treatment. The excel V’s dual wavelengths produce a green laser light that is easily absorbed by blood vessels, allowing scarring and miscellaneous skin spots to be significantly reduced. By entering the blood vessels, the green laser light causes the veins to break down and eventually be absorbed by the body over time with almost no downtime.

Treating your acne doesn’t need to be confusing. Come in and have a chat to one of our team and we can recommend the best acne treatment solution for your individual skin. We have seen excellent results from these treatments and it’s great to see clients enjoying clearer skin.


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