A course of laser is a non invasive way to remove small leg veins varying in color from red, blue, or purple and up to 2 millimeters  thick.

The Excel V 1064 laser emits a laser beam with a wavelength not surprisingly 1064 nm. This wavelength is in the infrared range and both the client and the operator must wear operator goggles when this laser is in operation, even if the vein is on the lower leg. This laser wavelength is attracted to the hemoglobin chromophore and the interaction between the chromophore and the laser produces heat, which is transmitted to the vessel wall and closes down the vessel.

The patient experiences a sharp pulse of heat when the laser is fired and patients often tell me it feels much like a needle.

It is a good practice to start off at a low energy setting and building up the energy in subsequent visits, because everyone has a different pain tolerance, not to mention different looking veins, which makes very difficult to tell how many sessions will be needed at the beginning of treatment. We like to take photographs of leg vessels before treatment so that we can monitor progress. Bruising can sometimes occur as a result of treatment, unlike other modalities of treatment supportive stockings after treatment are not necessary.

We suggest to book treatments in lots of three and have four to six weeks between treatment. There is a long spell between treatments because blood vessels continue to remodel (disappear) after the treatment, and that brings me to the next question I am often asked, “Are the veins I am getting rid of important?” The answer is no they are not and this laser treats small superficial vessels only. The next question I am frequently asked is, “Do they come back?” The answer to that is that it is unlikely that the treated vessels come back but sadly if you are a person who grows superficial leg veins you may grow them somewhere else.

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