Small leg veins are a constant source of annoyance for many people. Leg veins can frequently make people change their behavior causing them to wear clothes which hide the veins, leading to self consciousness. These small vessels are easily fixed with laser. Laser treatments for leg veins generally cause minimal discomfort and no downtime .

The Excel V laser at BCMC can treat vessels either red or blue up to 2 mm in diameter, effectively and with very little discomfort.

At the beginning of treatment it is unknown how many treatments are needed and discounts apply to following treatments . Laser treatments should be spaced 4 to 6 weekly as vessels continue to resorb for several weeks after the treatment. Most treatments take less than 10 minutes to perform.

What causes leg veins?

Visible leg veins often run in families and are caused by a ‘backlog” of venous returning blood. Visible leg veins often become apparent during pregnancy because of high progesterone levels and the developing baby slowing the return of blood to the heart. Incompetent venous valves ( genetically inherited ) also allow retrograde flow of blood which manifest as varicose veins. Blood pooling in legs from prolonged standing exacerbates varicose veins.

What is the best form of treatment for leg veins?

Trying not to get the veins in the first place is a good start, although you can’t change your genes. Support stocking are a good idea if you have an occupation which includes a lot of standing, for example, airline cabin crew. Wearing low heeled shoes as often as possible so that the rolling movement of the walking foot assists the muscular action of the legs, pumping blood back to the heart . Exercise in general is a good idea but I am sure you have heard that one before.

Small veins are easily treated with laser.

Once the veins are greater than 2 mm in diameter injections and surgery are the best options, however, both of these treatments incur downtime.

Do leg veins reappear after treatment?

Sadly, leg veins can reappear especially if the cause is genetic, however as discussed above, there are lifestyle changes you can adopt to decrease the speed at which they reappear.

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