Redness & Blood Vessels (Rosacea)

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Redness &

Blood Vessels

Many people know the song lyric, “It’s not easy being green.” Well, it’s not easy being red either.

People with red complexions are often mistaken for being drinkers, which obviously plays out poorly in job interviews and people with red complexions look sunburned in photographs irrespective of their recent sun exposure. People with red complexions generally have sensitive skin, which means lots of products including sunscreens can actually exacerbate their redness, not to mention other triggers such as red wine,curries and emotion.

Often this group of people are diagnosed as having rosacea, otherwise known as the celtic curse, as it generally affects people of Northern European ancestry.

How Do We Treat Redness?

We can treat this condition with two different modalities of laser. 1064nm treats background redness derived from vasculature in papillary layer of dermis and 532nm for visible blood vessels. The patient experience of these two lasers is different. The 1064 nm laser is experienced as a heating of the skin and the 532 nm laser is experienced as similar to the flicking sensation similar to IPL.

Interestingly, most patients who have had both IPL and 532 nm laser report that laser is the more comfortable experience. We recommend a course of treatments for both background redness and visible red vessels.

The Excel V Laser is also a great treatment. Unlike traditional lasers, the Excel V Laser uses two different wavelengths to allow for a more precise treatment. The excel V’s dual wavelengths produce a green laser light that is easily absorbed by blood vessels, allowing vascular lesions and miscellaneous skin spots to be significantly reduced. By entering the blood vessels, the green laser light causes the veins to break down and eventually be absorbed by the body over time.

The hero topical ingredient in treating redness is vitamin B and refraining from using actives, such as glycolic acid and retinols. The doctors at BCMC can also prescribe oral medications and creams if indicated. Please see our blog Might Be Mites.

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