Sad or Skinny Lips

Sad or

Skinny Lips

skinny lip treatments at bcmc

How Do We Treat Sad & Skinny Lips?

In a word, filler.

We suggest making an appointment before the procedure so we can make sure you are eligible for lip fillers and give you some anesthetic cream to take away with you to apply before the procedure. At BCMC we are keen to take before and after pictures so we can accurately assess our work. We also suggest cold sore sufferers take antiviral tablets on the day of the procedure to minimise the risk of cold sores resulting from the procedure.

Is There Different Types Of Lip Fillers?

There are different kinds of fillers. Collagen is long gone and all lip fillers belong to different brands such Allergan and Emervel lip belongs to Galderma. As a general rule of thumb, fillers in lips last anywhere between 6 months and a year.

Another differentiator is the G prime and cohesively of the filler and I explain it as thinking about “thick fillers” versus “thin fillers”.

Will My Lips Look Too Big?

If you are very concerned about looking overdone and having lips way too big for your face then I would suggest opting for a thinner filler which makes the pruney lip disappear and make you look like you are wearing lip gloss. For a more pouty look we move towards a thicker filler. In my experience many first timers who wish to improve their lips opt for a “thin” filler initially and in time may move to a thicker filler. As a digression not much of an aesthetic is achieved if the injector creates twenty something year old lips but neglects to also improve the canvas of the surrounding face. It ends up looking eye catching but not in a good way.

Some people may not be able to have lip fillers because of their past medical history, but don’t despair! Lips can be improved with the judicious use of anti-wrinkle injections and also through a course of laser genesis and by improving the surrounding canvas of the face.


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