Sweaty Armpits

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Sweaty armpits can be embarrassing, ruin the corporate look, and totally trash a job interview. The reason why some of us have uncontrollable sweating and others don’t is not really fully elucidated. Sweating is more common in hotter weather, more noticeable when the humidity is high, and exacerbated by emotion.

How To Treat Sweaty Armpits

Anti-wrinkle injections can actually stop sweaty armpits! The reason that anti-wrinkle injections are a treatment for hyperhidrosis is that botulinium toxin inhibits the release of acetylcholine and the nerves which stimulate sweat glands release acetycholine – stopping sweaty armpits.

I suggest scheduling a treatment for hyperhidrosis treatment because the longevity of the treatment is around 9 months. Applying starch and iodine to the axilla reveals the overactive sweat glands and hence where to inject. The injections start working straight away but are fully working after a few weeks. Therefore, I like to see you again approximately four weeks later and do a top up if indicated. Your wardrobe will thank me!

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