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Tired Look

Before you start beating yourself up because you look tired, have a think. How have you been sleeping lately? How has your diet been? Have you been under much stress?

Improving your physical health and mental health will work so synergistically with any skin treatment performed.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big proponent of “growing” your dermis. I like to get the collagen and elastin back into the dermis. Get the glow and tightness back through skin tightening and volume replacement!

How Do We Help Beat That Tired Look?

At BCMC when we meet a new client, we like to formulate a plan and most often the plan includes “growing” your dermis and this can be followed by a filler. Many times I have found that clients do not proceed to the filler because our therapies which have stimulated natural collagen and dermal enhancement have made fillers unnecessary.
The tools we have to enhance collagen are Laser Genesis (1064 nm laser), platelet rich plasma (AKA the vampire face lift), and pelleve (radio-frequency).

In Australia, especially at latitude 27 degrees (Victoria Point), many of us have issues with pigment and skin redness.

The cool view laser can target both of these issues and improving the canvass of the skin is a good place to start, as it is not invasive and gets a quick visible result.

At BCMC, we always take photos at the beginning of any treatment plan so we can asses your progress. Laser Genesis, as mentioned above, is also a wonderful tool for improving skin texture, pore size and skin luminosity. I am proud to say BCMC is the only clinic in The Redlands which offers Laser Genesis.

Do We Use Anti-wrinkle Injections?

When one thinks about how the services of a skin clinic can address the concern of looking tired, anti-wrinkle injections and fillers come quickly to mind.

Anti-wrinkle injections come under a few different names these days. Studies have shown that injections in the glabella can improve depression. What a bonus! Anti-wrinkle injections soften lines by decreasing the movement of the underlying muscle. I am all for the judicious use of anti-wrinkle injections but do not advocate walking around with a paralysed face. The upper face is the area where injections are mostly used. Generally, injectables last for a few months and studies have shown if you use double the amount you need, the effects do not last twice as long (not to mention the increased risk of the anti-wrinkle molecules migrating to a nearby muscle and hence making you look funny).

The point I am making here is that you are best served by only having the amount of anti-wrinkle injections that you require when you present rather than thinking, “If I have twice as much I will only have to come in half as often.” Nevertheless you will find that you will probably come in less often as the muscles targeted will require less over time.

Fillers also come under different brand names. All fillers are hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a compound produced by our fibroblasts. Injectable hyaluronic acid is cross-linked to increase its longevity with thicker hyaluronic acid is more cross linked than “thinner” hyaluronic acid.

The thinner hyaluronic acids are used more superficially in the skin. For example, thin fillers are used for the fine lines in the skin. The thicker hyaluronic acids are placed more deeply in the skin and can be used to replace lost volume. The thick hyaluronic acid lasts longer in the skin, generally around 18 months and the thin hyaluronic acid lasts approximately 6 months.

What Happens When I Reach My Skin Goal?

When you have arrived at your desired end point with your skin rejuvenation plan you have arrived at maintenance. To this end, BCMC has some conspicuously good value bundles. Please chat with one of our dermal therapists or doctors about what treatment bundles performed by the dermal therapist would best support your skin and don’t forget topical skin nutrition.

Discussing what skin nutrition is needed is a whole other subject and depends on your skin of course. However, I would like to finish by saying – The biggest cause of ageing is solar damage. Solar damage produces predictable DNA “breaks and mismatches “ The latest scientific research shows the least DNA damage occurred with the use of a sunscreen, antioxidant and DNA repair enzymes, all of which can be purchased at BCMC.

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