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As Redland’s trusted wrinkle treatments provider, BCMC offers laser genesis (1064 nm laser),  pelleve (radiofrequency), the  vampire facelift  (platelet rich plasma with microneedling) and the  Excel V Laser. All which stimulate neocollagenesis. I would suggest to come in and have a chat to see what is right for you. If things need to improve in super fast time, then it’s time for dermal fillers  or  anti-wrinkle injections.

A game of “I spy.” (true story)

Small child: I see something starting with “R.”
Woman: “roof,” “red,” “raisin toast?”
Small child: “RiNKLES”
Woman: “I think you can have your child back now”

“They are not wrinkles but crinkles,” Julia Roberts famously said in her movie “Mirror Mirror.” Now, I am sure she is not only aware of what wrinkles signify but also their cure.

The truth of the matter is the fairer your skin and the more UV exposure, the earlier these “crinkles “ appear. Toss in a diet rich in oxidants and poor in antioxidants and loads of stress and the wrinkles appear even earlier.

Initially these lines are visible only when we smile or move other parts of our face. Next foundation can be an issue as it accumulates in the wrinkle and makes the wrinkle more obvious. Eventually, wrinkles can become deep entrenched furrows.

The mechanism of action of weakening the muscle under the skin which pulls on the skin to make the wrinkle. Anti-wrinkle injections have a cumulative effect and generally last a couple of months and because of the cumulative effect and in some instances last a lot longer.

Wrinkle Reduction – what is the most effective treatment?

For the reduction of wrinkles we suggest anti-wrinkle injections in conjunction with other modalities. You didn’t always have wrinkles and lines because there were lots of tissue between the muscle and overlying skin filled with goodies such as collagen and elastin. So, the plan is to get the collagen, and elastin back there!

There are a few companies in the market place which produce  dermal fillers  and the product names include Emervel, Princess and others. The longevity of the product depends on the thickness of the filler  and also lifestyle. The thinnest fillers last a couple of months. The thickest filler lasts up to two years and which filler is being selected depends on where it is being placed.

Once you have achieved a nice, thick, juicy dermis, it is time to maintain, maintain, maintain.

Again, there are a number of maintenance treatments to choose from including hydrafacials, retinol and enzymatic peels, microdermabrasions,  IPL and LED light. We offer these in treatment bundles so that purchasing a bundle of different but interactive treatments is more affordable than purchasing each treatment individually.

Don’t forget the topical creams for the treatment of frown lines, facial lines, age lines and general ageing skin. Must haves are sunscreen, retinol and DNA repair enzymes.

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