Laser Freckle Removal

What is Laser Freckle Removal?

UV damage can create excess pigmentation and freckles across your face, neck, chest, and legs, leaving you looking tired and aged.


If you are after a more even skin tone and improvement in the texture of your skin, our laser freckle removal treatment provides fast, safe and effective results.

Discover Our Unique Excel V Laser Treatment

Our Excel V Laser helps to resurface the skin resulting in improvements in tone pigments, freckles and texture.

There are many skin conditions and cosmetic issues that can be addressed with the Excel V Laser, including:

How to Remove Freckles With a Laser?

Freckles are small brown spots of pigmentation that are caused by sun exposure. While a few freckles are of no concern, more sunspots and marks can appear as we age, creating an uneven complexion and an older appearance. Laser freckle removal targets this pigment to provide a clearer, smoother skin that is even-toned.


When you arrive for your treatment, your skin specialist will assess your skin and cosmetic goals and your suitability for treatment. The therapist will apply a gel to the skin, which allows the laser to glide over the target areas with ease.


Our Excel V Laser works by delivering light pulses to the problem areas. This will lighten and even the pigments for a smoother complexion. You may have some minor redness, swelling, and bruising after treatment. It is a normal part of recovery and should subside within a few days. It is important to stay out of direct sunlight and avoid any strenuous activities until your skin has healed.

Do I Need Laser Freckle Removal?

If your freckles are getting in the way of your cosmetic goals and the texture of your skin, you can benefit from our laser treatment.


Our Excel V Laser is also suitable for treating skin irregularities such as rosacea, spider veins, or surgical scars. The Excel V Laser is a fast and effective way to improve your complexion without excessive down time.


Remember, it will take a few treatments before reaching your aesthetic goals. In consultation with a therapist, individualised options for treatment will be discussed and implemented.

Will Laser Treatment Permanently Remove My Freckles?

The Excel V Laser allows us to remove existing freckles permanently; however, you can still develop new freckles and age spots after some time. The formation of new freckles and pigmentation will depend on your skin type, biology, and sun exposure level.

Is It Painful to Have Laser Freckle Removal?

Laser freckle removal is not painful. It can cause mild discomfort that is tolerated by the majority of our patients. Our Excel V Laser works to cool skin while the pulses are applied to the pigments, and you will feel only minor pulsing sensations.

Why is Excel V Laser Treatment Better Than Other Laser Therapies?

Our Excel V Laser does not break or peel the skin. You can experience the following benefits with our technology:
  • Treatment is customised to meet your needs
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No anaesthetic required
  • Long-term results
  • Resume normal activities immediately

How Should I Prepare for Laser Treatment?

Prior to treatment, all makeup must be removed, and no skin creams used. Refrain from facials 10 days before treatment and avoid prolonged sun exposure or alcohol consumption.

After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure and use mild ingredients such as Aloe Vera to soothe any skin irritation. Avoid rubbing across the treated areas.

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