Laser Pigmentation Removal

Laser Pigmentation Removal – How to Prepare and What to Expect

For years you may have been hiding that pesky skin condition. Maybe you’ve had a tough time looking at those blotches and bumps on your skin or just felt embarrassed to show them off, but now there is hope – with our laser pigmentation removal tailored precisely to you!


After consulting with one of our specialists about the best treatment for your specific issues, we will administer Laser Pigmentation Removal to get rid of those pesky spots. Please book an appointment today to learn more about how we can shape up your complexion in no time!

Here are some basic steps before your first laser pigmentation removal:

  1. Wear strong sunscreen (50+ SPF): Protecting your skin with a 50+ SPF sunscreen is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce discomfort and side effects from treatment. You should start wearing it 2-4 weeks before your first session.
  2. Avoid too much sun exposure before your laser pigmentation removal treatment: Limit your sun exposure to avoid any damage that may interfere with the laser therapy. Too much melanin in your skin will reflect light and cause greater pain or discomfort during treatment sessions.
  3. No waxing, tweezing or any kind of facial treatments a few days prior to laser treatments: Facial hairs can interfere with laser therapy; try not to remove them for at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Does laser pigmentation removal hurt?

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin, but the thought of laser treatments can make some people cringe. There are many misconceptions about what these procedures entail and how they feel during each session. As described by most patients, laser pigmentation removal does not hurt- it just feels like a tiny rubber band hitting your skin (annoying rather than painful).


The truth is that there’s no need for anyone to experience any pain or unpleasantness when undergoing this procedure because most lasers simply vibrate at high speeds causing heat which removes pigment from cells with minimal impact on surrounding tissue.

How many laser sessions are needed for pigmentation removal?

It can take anywhere from one treatment to about five laser treatments, depending on your skin type and treated area. For someone with medium-toned dark spots all over their face, they may need more than one session to be effective enough. However, if you have just a few scattered light brown freckles on your arms, then maybe only two sessions would do the trick!

How long does each pigmentation removal treatment take?

Each pigmentation removal treatment takes about 20-30 minutes of your time – not more than an hour each day spent on getting rid of those unwanted spots or patches you’ve been hiding under layers of makeup all these years. It’s worth it once you see what comes out at the end: perfect skin without any need for concealer!

How long does it take for pigmentation to fade after a laser treatment?

Laser treatment is no different from any other procedure in that you need breaks before the next one. Some freckles may require more than just one session, but remember: your skin needs time to heal!

When you approach us for a laser treatment, it’s pretty common that your freckles will be irritated and take some time to heal. It can take up to four weeks or longer before they’re ready for another session- which is why we recommend taking long breaks in between treatments!

What to expect after a laser pigmentation treatment?

Improvement is usually seen after each laser treatment, but it’s not uncommon to have some bruising and mild discomfort afterwards. Avoid these things for a few days following your session:


Hot showers: This may seem like a small inconvenience at first, but it will help reduce the discomfort after your treatment. Avoiding taking a hot shower for 3-5 days following each of your skin treatments.

Spas: The laser light is powerful. Avoid Spas for a few days after each laser pigmentation removal treatment to ensure you don’t have any adverse effects on the skin, such as burning or redness.


Too much sun exposure: If you’ve undergone laser pigmentation removal, it’s important to keep in mind that the sun can undo these treatments. For a few days after each treatment session, make sure to avoid direct contact with sunlight so as not to risk any redness or inflammation stemming from exposure.

Anything that might make you sweat a lot: Laser pigmentation removal is a fantastic way to quickly and completely remove blemishes from your skin, but you should avoid any substances that might cause excessive sweating for a few days after each treatment.

You should follow the above after every pigmentation removal session.

Our recommendation

We recommend a course of Laser Coolview. As the name implies, this treatment is as effective and painless as it gets! The non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure straight from Hollywood has become one of our most popular treatments in just a few short years. We recommend six sessions with an experienced physician at three to four-week intervals for best results.

Dr Mia and our team will be there every step of the way – we’re here to help you live your life again without fear or embarrassment anymore, so contact us today!

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