Meso BB Lips

What is meso BB?

Our meso BB Lips treatment intensively moisturises, nourishes and regenerates the skin on the lips, making the lips silky smooth.


With the added colorizing pigment you can even add some lip color to your new bb lips.


Meso bb lips is a great alternative to semi-permanent make up.

The Procedure

A specialised lip peel is applied to slough away dead skin cells and a serum infused with plumping hyaluronic acid is microneedled into the lips. The end result is fuller, hydrated lips with more visible volume.

To get the most out of bb glow lips, we recommend 3 – 4 treatments, over 2 – 4 weeks. BB glow lips should last for 4 months.

Healing and Aftercare BB glow lips

Please avoid the following after the treatment:

  • Do not touch the lips for one whole day
  • Do not pick, rub or scratch your lips
  • Stay away from areas with abnormal temperatures
    Try not to get the lips too wet for at least 7 days

Treat yourself and treat your lips with a course of treatments or add onto any facial treatment.

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