What is pelleve treatment?

Pelleve is the trade name for a radiofrequency treatment which produces collagen neogenesis through radiofrequency energy.

What does treatment involve?

Pelleve uses applicators that send radiofrequency energy through your skin. This will cause a warming sensation in your body and we will use a device to monitor the temperature in your body. The radiofrequency will stimulate a collagen rebuilding process which will in turn, cause your skin to work extra hard to smooth out all the wrinkles. All skin types can benefit from Pelleve, which improves the overall texture and luminosity of the skin, as well as reduces fine lines.

How long do pelleve results last?

Pelleve skin tightening results last about six months. However, in order to get to the final results, many treatments are required (about 5-6) treatments. Don’t let this discourage you because the results are really worth it, The new collagen production will cause a substantial wrinkle reduction.


We want to see results as much as you do and therefore offer a discount on a bundle of treatments. While there is no downtime, your skin will continue to improve in the weeks following your final treatment. We like to take a before photo prior to the first treatment and an after photo a month after the last treatment.

What should I expect after treatment?

You should see an improvement in your skin tightening after just one pelleve treatment, but more is yet to come. It takes several treatments to see the final result of all the hard work. There is no downtime and the side effects are that your face might feel a bit warm and that you might experience some redness and bruising which will pass relatively quickly.

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