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Redlands Skin Check Clinic

Skin Screening

Skin Check Clinic

Is it time you had your skin checked?

At the Skin Spot Clinic we are dedicated to ensuring we meet the needs and concerns of all of our patients. We will make you feel at ease during both your skin cancer check and procedure.

Did you know:

In Australia 14 % of adults, 24 % of teenagers, and 8 % of children are burnt on a typical summer weekend. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Skin cancer causes more death than transport accidents every year in Australia. *source Cancer Council 2015

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Welcome to the Redlands Skin Spot Clinic. Our Skin Check Clinic is staffed by experienced general practitioners Dr Gertrude Behan, Dr Spencer Behan and Dr Mia Didovic. We provide comprehensive skin screening, skin assessment and management for skin cancer in all age groups and residents throughout the Redlands.

The outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in the Redlands unfortunately does contribute to skin spot problems we see and treat. For many residents, working outdoors full time, checking spots, checking moles and skin cancer checks are required on a more frequent basis.

The skin check itself is non-invasive and every effort is made to make you feel comfortable. It’s important to be aware that we will check your skin from top to toe. You are required to expose your skin down to your underwear in a private consulting room. We also will need to remove any makeup on the face or body to allow appropriate examination.

The most important part of your skin check is any discussion regarding treatment, further assessment and future risk reduction. Because of this you may find that we actually spend more time talking to you then looking at your skin!

Please be aware that we charge a private fee for conducting a skin check, to allow us the time and dedicated facilities to appropriately treat and advise you on your skin.

We look forward seeing you and helping you avoid the long term consequences of our amazing Redlands and Brisbane sunshine!



Skin Check

A full body examination from head to toe, a discussion about what the doctor has noticed, concerns you may have, and treatment if necessary.

Skin Excision

If the doctor is concerned about a particular spot or lesion they will remove the spot and some surrounding tissue for further testing.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a revolutionary new way to treat sun damaged, blemished and aged skin on all areas of the body. By using PDT’s non-invasive light technology, we can treat a range of skin conditions in a fast, relatively painless and affordable way, with minimal side effects and downtime.

Laser Treatment

We provide Laser Genesis and Laser Coolview as a treatment option for sun spots, leg veins, rosacea, acne scarring and discoloration. Book a consultation with Dr Gertrude Behan.


Billing Information

  • Skin Examinations are 1/2 hourly
  • Non-concession – $100 (Rebate – $71.70)
  • Concession – $90 (Rebate – $71.70)
  • Pension discount available

Meet Our

Skin Team


Gertrude is the specialist at Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic. Gertrude is also an accredited skin cancer surveillance doctor and sees patients at the Skin Spot Clinic on a Monday.

Dr Gertrude Behan

Spencer enjoys skin cancer research and surgery and looks froward to seeing patients at the Skin Spot Clinic every Thursday.

Dr Spencer Behan

Mia enjoys seeing patients on Monday and Wednesday morning for skin checks.

Dr Mia Didovic


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