Tamara BCMC

For the month of August 2017

Tamara is doing half price hydrafacials for $60.00

Hydrafacials are a bespoke treatment that cleans, exfoliate and infuse. In addition to improving hydration, the dermal therapist can chose to add cosmoceuticals to reduce lines or pigment.


Susan BCMC

Nurse Susan’s Signature Package

Nurse Injector and Galderma trainer Susan Walsh

– 2mls of thick filler –

– 1 ml of thin filler –

– 50 units of antiwrinkle injections –

$1299 ($595 saving) – no expiry


Dr Shadi BCMC

Dr Shadi’s Signature Package

BCMC Unique Package – no expiry

– 3mls of filler (thin and/or thick) –

– Specific filler brand – speak with reception for more information –

Only $999