Dermal Fillers

Let’s face it: you’re getting older and it’s starting to show in your skin. Even the slightest wrinkle can make you feel self-conscious, especially if you’ve always been good at looking after your skin. You have a few options when deciding how to improve your skin which range from topicals, collagen induction and fillers to surgery.

While injectables won’t produce the same nip and tuck as traditional facelift surgery, you will receive results that look inherently more natural, almost as if you never had work done at all but nevertheless don’t seem to have changed over the years. A lot of clients appreciate the subtlety of dermal fillers since no one notices that your youthful glow is a result of aesthetic enhancement.

If you’re interested in treatment with dermal fillers, you can consult with your cosmetic injector at Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic. Together, you can discuss the issues you’re having with your skin and decide whether fillers can correct them.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

On the surface, dermal fillers are a type of gel that gets injected into your skin. The gel contains specific ingredients that bind to the moisture already present in the dermis and increase volume. You’ll want to consider dermal fillers if you are experiencing volume loss in certain areas of your face. When your cheeks begin to look hollow or lines are forming around your mouth, it’s a sign you’re losing much of the hydration and hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin looking young.

Once dermal fillers are injected into your skin, they will produce an immediate improvement. You’ll notice a reduction in your facial wrinkles and your skin will look smoother overall. Instead of a deflated tired face , you can achieve a lifted skin and a refreshed appearance.

There are plenty of dermal fillers available that all produce varying results. Some last for six months while others last for a year or more. The filler you receive will depend on the location and severity of the deflation and dehydration as well as your treatment goals.

The injections can fill in wrinkles as well as add enhancement to the lips Your treatment is versatile, safe and efficient all without a need for surgery.We are also adding platelet rich plasma to fillers which will produce the double whammy of instant hydration and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

What Happens During Treatment?

Prior to treatment you should have a consult with your injector and photographs taken. At this visit your past medical history should be discussed and what the objectives of treatment are. It’ll be essential for your injector to map out exactly where they plan on placing your injections. And it should be discussed which products will most benefit your skin.

Precision is key to producing a unique enhancement that looks completely natural. To begin your treatment, your injector may numb the injection site, particularly if your lips are to be injected. The filler is injected either through a sharp needle or cannula depending on the area injected. Following your procedure, you will be able to return to your regular schedule. You might have some bruising and redness where the filler was injected but otherwise, you won’t experience any downtime. If there is any bruising we offer complimentary IPL to hasten it’s resolution.

Follow Up Injections

As much as you may like your results from dermal fillers, they won’t last forever. To maintain your look, we suggest a regular review at 5 or 12 months depending on which type of filler is injected.

Initially, you and your injector may decide on a treatment plan that includes a few treatment visits to achieve your desired aesthetic. Once achieved however, you will only need to come in once every six to twelve months for review.

Dermal fillers allows you to customise your results. Rather than you having to adjust to the fixed nature of a facelift, dermal fillers give you flexibility and provide improvement according to your terms.

You might consider receiving dermal fillers in conjunction with anti wrinkle injections which are another form of nonsurgical enhancement that target the muscles that create creases in your skin. It’s not uncommon for you to exhibit volume loss and dynamic wrinkles at once but with dual purpose treatment, you can reduce facial lines regardless of their source.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic so that you can learn more about dermal fillers and how they benefit your skin. Contact (07) 3667 8970 and schedule a consultation. We’d be happy to explain the variety of fillers available and help you choose the right treatment regimen for you.



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