Picato Treatment

Picato Sunny days tend to be a source of great memories for many people, so it’s no surprise that Aussies love their sunshine. Days spent lounging beachside are a warm-weather favorite but the sun’s harmful rays can do much damage to the skin.

Lying around in the sun can cause a skin condition called sun spots but those who spend their days at the beach aren’t the only ones at risk. It may seem harmless enough but even having your arm out the car window while driving around can be damaging to your skin.

Without proper protection, like sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, it’s easy for UVA and UVB rays to cause sun spots on your skin. But what really are sun spots and are they that dangerous?

Actinic Keratoses

Sun spots, also known as actinic keratosis or solar keratosis, are caused by cumulative exposure to the sun. Millions of people have AK but that doesn’t make this skin condition any less serious. These lesions are often crusty and scaly and can appear both alone or in several patches on the skin.

While it’s most common that people with fair skin develop AK, anyone who has had extreme sun exposure over the years is at risk. These red lesions can show up anywhere but they generally occur on highly-exposed areas like the face, scalp, arms and hands.

One way to know if you have sun spots is by the texture of your skin. Sun spots often feel rough in comparison to normal, healthy skin—almost like sandpaper. When they become thick, crusty, ulcerated, itchy, stinging or painful, it’s time to seek professional treatment.

Relief With Picato

Although sun spots are pre-malignant, there is still a risk that they could turn into skin cancer. The risk of it developing into squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is low, but by getting them checked and treated you can put your mind at ease.

The good news is that AK is treatable and at the Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic, we can carefully check and effectively treat your sun-damaged skin. We use a topical medication called Picato to safely treat your sun spots. Picato (ingenol mebutate) gel is a prescription cream that our practitioners can apply directly to your skin.

Unlike other topical medications for AK, Picato only requires two or three consecutive days of dosing to effectively treat your skin. The great thing about Picato is that it is a field treatment, meaning it treats the entire area and not just your visible sun spots.

We suggest coming in to BCMC for your Picato application so that we can properly examine your skin and monitor your progress. Actinic keratosis is chronic so if you notice visible lesions now, there is a great chance that more may appear as you get older. Don’t let these sun spots cause any more damage to your skin. Call us today on (07) 3667 8970 and ask about our Picato cream.


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