Thread Lifts

Thread Lift

What Is A Thread Lift?

A thread lift (also known as skin threads, face threading or a thread facelift) is a non-invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. A thread lift improves the early signs of ageing such as minor sagging of the face and neck skin. A qualified cosmetic surgeon inserts dissolvable threads into the patient’s skin to provide a tightening and lifting effect. The threads also promote the bodies natural healing response and stimulate collagen production, causing the skin to look tight and full. As we age, we naturally lose up to 80% of our collagen production, leading to sagging and wrinkles as the skin becomes weaker and stretches. By increasing collagen production, thread lifts can improve skin by hydrating and strengthening it, as well as protecting from future damage.

thread lifts

What Results Can I Expect From A Thread Lift?

Patients can expect to see a modest improvement in skin tightness, thickness and vitality. The effects are less noticeable than a traditional facelift and is best suited for those with early signs of ageing such as loose skin and wrinkles. Thread lifts also strengthen the skin, protecting against future damage by preventing stretching.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thread Lift Over A Facelift?

A traditional facelift is a very invasive procedure that involves removing the sagging skin of the face and affected areas. They require lengthy preparation, take a long time to complete and result in a large downtime while the face heals. Facelifts are quite expensive and require the patient to be driven to and from the hospital due to the use of general anesthetic. They can also result in permanent scarring where the skin has been removed from the face.

Thread lifts, on the other hand, have none of these downsides. They are a non-invasive procedure and don’t require the use of general anesthetic. They usually only take 2 hours to complete, making them quite a convenient procedure. Thread lifts have a short downtime of two to five days and do not result in permanent scarring. Another important benefit is that they are priced at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional facelift, making them a great choice for your wallet. Thread lifts do not provide the same results as a regular facelift, so they are recommended for those with less severe symptoms.

How Long Does A Thread Lift Last?

Thread lifts do slowly lose effectiveness over time as the skin slowly returns to its natural level of collagen production and the threads dissolve. Threads dissolve after approximately 1 year, however the lift is evident for 3-4 years as the stimulation of collagen continues to lift the tissue. The longevity of a thread lift varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors including age, smoking history and general health.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Thread Lifts?

As the effects of a thread lift are less noticeable than a traditional facelift, patients with early signs of aging such as wrinkles or sagging of the face and neck skin will see the best results. Patients who do not want to experience the downtime and hassle of a traditional facelift or do not have the same budget are also great candidates for a thread lift. A full consultation prior to thread lifting is essential to ensure patients are aware of the expected results and post care steps.

How Much Does A Thread Lift Cost?

At Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic, our thread lift procedures start at $1990.00. Procedures are tailored for each patient, with different amounts and types of threads impacting costs.

If you would like to find out how a thread lift could benefit you, contact us or book a consultation today with our qualified cosmetic surgeon Dr Shadi Khalili.


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